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ByStiina Diana Pine Jun 13, 2017

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I received many messages from many of you. Thank you very much, it feels lovely reading them and knowing what VA meant for you. I am sorry I can'

ByStiina Diana Pine Jun 12, 2017


VA is the oldest open school in SL. And during its times, like any place, it had up and down moments. It doesn’t matter how old it is, but i

ByStiina Diana Pine Feb 28, 2017

Welcome to new website

This is the new website and forum To log in use your SL name and password same as it. Find the list here. Please change your password right

ByStiina Diana Pine Feb 27, 2017

New Uniforms

Uniforms Have been changed, and all the outfits. Please use the vendors to get updated versions as the current one will deactivate when the chec