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ByStiina Diana Pine

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I received many messages from many of you. Thank you very much, it feels lovely reading them and knowing what VA meant for you. I am sorry I can’t do it anymore and also happy some of you understand the whys. I doubt people often say the words I received in the last 24 hours when other places close. Some messages made me cry, it feels amazing to know what you did touched people like this, even if my soul feels thorn about it.

One of the happy parts of all this, is that most of the people I will close the school with are nice low drama people. I wish the school was like this all these years. And, as sometimes happens, nice people end up suffering. At least know, it’s not you – it’s me. It is ironic, we close in one of the lowest drama moments.

I also received messages and information about ex-“friends” of the school, how sorry they are for closing VA.

So no, this is not a nice article, fully. But it’s question. And nudge. And I hope someone gives this to them to read.

Why are they sorry? They were part of the series of factors that eventually lead to me being too tired, disgusted and low on energy to do it anymore. Miss Luna said, that would have still been the ignoring my own needs for years reason. But that’s one reason, not the whole set. With less drama and less jerks around, maybe someone could have helped more, maybe their energy wouldn’t have been focused on being nasty.

So, why are the pricks sorry?

I wish they would be happy of VA ending. Have the verticality to at least stand for their scum ways.

Power hungry. Disloyal. Thief. Insensitive jerks. Ungrateful. Always happy to hurt. Dishonest. – Why not stand up for it?

But we all know, that any decent prick, is also a hypocrite and liar. Which makes them inferior to a cat. A cat is not sorry of its own decisions.

I feel I should do a “hall of fame”, and put it somewhere for everyone to see. But on the other side, as (still) Miss Luna also said, some time ago, high moral grounds always kept me to retaliate at their level.

ByStiina Diana Pine


VA is the oldest open school in SL. And during its times, like any place, it had up and down moments.

It doesn’t matter how old it is, but it matters how many people it made happy. And, based on the feedback, more positive than negative, I feel that we lean toward the more people happy side.

With sadness, still,

I have come to a moment where I have to step down from VA, ownership and management and together with that sadly, the school will close, as mutually agreed with Mr B.

There are some reasons for my decision. I will explain a few:

  1. This thought is not new to me (and to him either). It crept some time ago in my mind. Unfortunately VA is a lot of work and I have been doing VA for quite a few years before I learned how to swing a cane. There are nice people in VA and good souls. However, the endless flow of drama and bad people, slowly, slowly, has shaken everything and tired me more and more. In a world of freedom, some choose to be pricks.

Nevertheless, I do not regret it. I am happy for the people I made happy, and gave them a safe space for their mind.

  1. I lack top management help, besides Mr B – whose time is limited because of RL. Do not jump to blame him as he did more for this school than any legendary Romulus and Remus founders ever did. Plus, besides everything, he was a support for me.

Help, I had plenty, and thank you to all who helped, current and past members. But it’s not about that, as I said.

Hermi, a dear invisible friend, had this awesome plan to find a replacement / second VAB. That was, three years ago. Meanwhile…

  1. I need space to breathe and pursue my personal happiness. As Chisha insightfully noted, her headmistress gets smacked now, wow. It’s worth mentioning that her headmistress was pretty much stuck wielding the cane for years just because of VA, which also added to frustration and being tired. It’s called personal sacrifice. I am not sorry I did it, but it didn’t help.
  2. VA had an nice road. And I feel it’s also nice to close with our heads up, not in drama and misery.


We’re not closing because of some major bump, or traumatic event. Me and Mr B. didn’t have a fight. I didn’t have any unusual fight with someone.

I think there will be no other place like VA, but you have options. I recommend for you to join St E, if it fits your taste. It is the closest to us and their management is made from dedicated and nice people, plus they didn’t actually copied anyone.

Pippin will probably stay as my sim. I will open a new project, not the size of VA and not so public as VA. I will ask some of you if you want to get involved one way or another, very soon. The other two sims, won’t stay with VA.

VA School will close on 30th of June.

Until then, feel free to still come around and start to riot :).

Thank you all

Like at Oscars:

Special thanks for my whole VA time: the other Pi’ne (first name varies) as she gave and gives me enough happiness and love  to overcome emotional difficulty, Mr B. for being there, Sarah Graff for sparkling us to make VA more and keep it open.

Everyone else that was so special in the last years, you know who you are.

15 June Addition

Thank you all for your many wonderful messages. Wow! To know what my work meant for some of you, made me warm (and cry). I received 4 notes in 5 minutes even, couldn’t stop awwwing and sniffling from one, then reading the next. Thank you for helping my emotional meltdown feel justified.

I also wrote and I repeat here, in a huge irony, we’re closing with the lowest drama and nicest generation of people in ages.

Our new project won’t happen on Pippin. Pippin will go where closed Linden-owned SIMs go, to live happy with the other sims, play catch the prim and giggle at Linden employees vintage avatars. I have already rented another sim, so there’s no way back.

We have sent invitations for new place. If you didn’t received one, might not be anything against you, we might just be considering if you’d be fit in our community or still pondering about it. We are keeping it low on people (we already got more suggestions of people who should be in it than we want for a start) and low on management bearing.

I also self-demoted myself to student, in a symbolic gesture to exit the school (and close it) same way as I came to it.

BySadie B Pine

En Garde Champions League (CL) is On – Avanti VA Lemurs!

by guest writer Crystal Arthel on behalf of the VA Lemurs

Time for a quick status on VA Lemurs’ battles in the En Garde world cup!

4 of our 7 players are presently in the final qualification poll, but CL is far from finished and we hope for and believe that we will improve further during the tournament. Our Evelyn is showing excellent spirit and performance, and she is still unbeaten after three games. So far VA Lemurs have completed 25 games out of 70 and got wins in 13, a total score of 95 points of 125. Great achievement!

The Victoria Voice is following the tournament closely, and we will be back with more news about our brave players soon! Hals- und Beinbruch, Lemurs!

After a bit of an unlucky start, our Erin mobilised her well-known strength and won against the strong Flora Jewell 5-4


BySadie B Pine

En Garde Champions League (CL) is On – Avanti VA Lemurs!

by guest writer Crystal Arthel on behalf of the VA Lemurs

The monthly grand tournament in En Garde was kicked off Sunday. VA Lemurs are participating with no less than 7 players out of 26 CL competitors in total! During the next two weeks all fencers are to play 10 games for qualification to the final, where the best 16 players are competing for their final ranking in this world cup of En Garde. With 7 motivated and fierce Lemurs, we should be able to make a good effort and show that VA has the world’s leading academy En Garde team.

At present, our players have completed 7 games out of 70. Our own Evelyn Flow played two fantastic games yesterday, and she is presently ranking no. 1 in CL. Way to go, Evie!

The Victoria Voice will frequently keep you updated about the tournament in the days to come. Thanks to all our brave fencers and a warm thanks to Miss Pi’ne for allowing them to participate besides the busy camp activities.

Good luck to our Lemurs! May your opponents meet their destiny from the tips of your sharp blades.^^


ByAnna Soffian

Prank time at Camp

by Erin Arthel
(who has nothing to do with this prank and thinks that it was totally mean)

Somebody played a prank on poor Wendy when she took a nap and pushed her sleeping bag with her on a float onto the lake. While the exact way she ended there from her tent at the top of the mountain remains a mystery, Wendy had quite a surprise when waking up and still half asleep, tried to walk around. Ending up fully clothed in the lake while screaming and spluttering woke her fully, to the amusement of the onlookers (including a teacher!).




BySadie B Pine

Leaving for Camp Pine!

This afternoon, Victoria Staff and Students gathered in front of our beloved campus and waved goodbye as we departed for the next ten days!

Miss Pi’ne surprised everyone by digging deep into the budget (we don’t know what know whose medical insurance was shredded…) and producing a brand new camp bus, which proved to be a slight upgrade from the last, though we can not state with confidence that her driving has improved over the last six months. Nevertheless, the headmistress provided the campers with another memorable journey along the mainland roads, with Shani Cramoisie providing off-key musical entertainment.

Seraphina Cramoisie lugged gigantic bottles of water along with her as if she needs help staying wet. The bus tore through the mainland country roads, flying (literally) over sim crossings and veering dangerously off the road! Most off the passengers screamed for their lives, and Mrs. Bolero whined “are we there yet?” right before Shani screamed the V-word, sending the bus to a screeching lurch so the girl wouldn’t be sick on the vehicle.

Photo credit: Tatuli de Rutrot

When the group passed a dubious bridge, Pacifica Solo (who has returned from her time off of school) vowed to speak with the architects of the bridge if she survived the ordeal, but her friend Coskay seemed to be quite calm and enjoying the thrill of the ride very much. Leto Bregonis oscillated between manic giggling and screaming bloody murder. Melanie de Rutrot considered converting to druidism. Chisha Obscure was high on the danger, yelling “MORE SPEED” and “yes! yes! yes”! Tatuli de Rutrot supportively shared some mints with her green-faced cousin Sadie Pi’ne between shouts.  Jenni Windrider was ever stoic and optimistic, while Erin Arthel wished aloud she could to camp on horseback instead. Her wife, Crystal Arthel (who was just promoted to student today – congratulations!) was the only person who fell off the bus this time but was quickly rescued.

Photo Credit: Tatuli de Rutrot

Photo credit: Tatuli de Rutrot

When finally the bus came to a stop, the travellers barely complained about the long hike to the campsite from the bus stop. When Meggan Faithful and Seraphina Cramoisie inquired whether or not the group was lost, Miss Pi’ne’s response was simply “What is lost? It’s just a relative term”.

Fortunately, we did arrive!

The first order of business at camp was for each tent group to set up their sleeping space, after which, most retired for the evening or settled down by the fire and chatted until they were dozing off.

Here’s to a fantastic week at Camp Pine!

More pictures from today’s adventures can be found HERE.

BySadie B Pine

What a game!

Camp is in three days, people! Friday can’t come soon enough! This weekend, Student Representative Anna Soffian held a special council meeting to answer questions about camp and to model some camp appropriate clothing. The prefect also inspected camp packs after the meeting.

Culture Club visited Chess Wonderland on Sunday, a surreal chessboard which dwarfed visitors. Students were instructed to take a photo and submit it to Miss Pi’ne for a chance to win a prize. Here are a couple shots by Tatuli de Rutrot of Erin Arthel, Miss Mary Pickles-Soffian, and Angelina Soffian:

A big congratulations to our Victoria Lemurs star player Sora for winning first place in this week’s Haven en garde tournament! The fencing team continues to go strong! Don’t forget, the camp fencing tourney will take place again this year, so if you’re like me and have been off your fencing game, get practicing!

ByJenni Windrider

Ballet with sugar cane!

Monday saw ballet class attended with a surprise dancer, Miss Caroline af Pärla. Shani expertly and with a firm hand guided everyone through a challenging exercise, despite the occasional groans from students. The breaks were sorely needed to relax hurting muscles and toes.

Miss Caroline found herself chided a few times for speaking in class without permission, swiftly and competently warned by Shani with a lovely and delectable sugar cane. Sadly the sugar cane was not shared among dancers, probably to avoid getting already out of shape bodies even further out of shape.

The very enjoyable class ended with Tatuli giving a presentation of marvellous period dresses intended for the upcoming ballet performance. Judging by the lovely costumes and dedication of the veteran dancers it will be a performance to look forward to!

BySadie B Pine

A Word from our Fencing Team Captain

by Guest Writer Shani Cramoisie

As Captain of the Victoria En Garde team, it is with great privilege I say thank you to Sora for ‘nagging’ the individuals that became the VA Lemur Team to enter the Champions League May 2017 Competition.

This is our first competition of this level and although all the individuals ended up in the bottom of the league, it was a great learning curve for all of us.
I have realized I must not play games after 20:00 because I am just too tired for the MATH!

It has been good watching top players play, and some of us did well to beat a few of them, however we need to be consist in our game.

We hope to take more players along next time. If you’re interested, please let Sora know as he is responsible for making sure we sign up for tournaments.

Well done, Evelyn, Sora, Erin, and myself!

A very proud
VA Captain

BySadie B Pine

Go Lemurs! Erin Arthel takes 2nd in Haven Tournament!

By guest writer Crystal Arthel, Victoria Applicant 

On Tuesday 23 May, Haven Games held its weekly En Garde Tournament where some of the best fighters meet and duel in an exciting atmosphere. I went there to support VA’s best fencer Erin, and it was such a thrill to watch how she gave herself 100 percent from first match to the very final.

After a row of tough games where she was absolutely not given anything for free, she was ready for the final. Her opponent was Lilly9100, one of the top players in the league. The breathtaking match had an intensive effect on both the combatants and spectators, and the full range of emotions were put into play with everybody. The match was as equal as it could possibly be, and at 4-4 the air was dense from excitement. Irritatingly, luck glued to Lilly this time, and she got the final strike.

Nevertheless, it was a great game where Erin once again showed her technical skills and poise. Congratulations, my dear ♥

We are proud of you!

Winners of the Haven Games En Garde Tournament

Our very own Erin Arthel with her second place trophy proudly represents the Victoria Academy Lemurs!