New Uniforms

ByStiina Diana Pine

New Uniforms

Uniforms Have been changed, and all the outfits. Please use the vendors to get updated versions as theĀ current one will deactivate when the check period expires.

New uniforms (gym outfits also) get dirty and need to be washed.

They also get dirty depending where you step (so avoid mud).

They can be washed using the tub in the laundry.

The new school uniform pack contains also a shirt which can be worn instead of the sweater, as it is hot outside!

Shoes fit all the common mesh bodies, they include socks and they also have a menu if touched so you can hide the shoe (if you want to remain in your socks), etc. So starting now, school socks & shoes are very mandatory for everyone.

Seraphina can provide more details.

For any issues, contact me or if it seems very technical, contact Seraphina directly.

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