Farm Fun

ByStiina Diana Pine

Farm Fun

From Mr Wow

I have spoken to Ms Pine and for one week students are invited to get a “taste of the farm”.
Providing you have completed 2 hours of reception duty and the dorm is clean.
Providing there are no lessons at school come and see the farm and join in completing the everyday tasks.
You can wear Jeans and t shirt or overalls so that your school uniform is not spoilt .
Remember to be polite to the farm hands they are simple country girls. Not used to the sophistication that you are.
They will help and advise if asked but be gentle in the way you talk and what you say.
The main thing is come and enjoy the fresh air at the farm.
James Wow0

Important notes:
1. To work & Hang out at the farm you need 2 hours of reception / week and clean dorm. Plus having done all your activities in school.
2. To take care of the horses you need 2 hours of reception only if you want to do it part of farm work, out of uniform. Otherwise keep uniform and go ahead, is part of students duties anyway.
3. Do not leave the reception empty or the school empty too long. It will hurt us
4. The area in which you’re allowed out of uniform for farm business starts at the line where stables start, towards the farm. There’s a locker there to change. Technically 3 meters from the locker to the actual line are illegal (as you get out without uniform but the line is further) 🙂

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