Film Appreciation 2

ByStiina Diana Pine

Film Appreciation 2

We are done with Barry Lyndon. We might revisit Kubrick at a later time.

To remember:

    • Observer idea
    • Filming techniques: panning, zooming out, f 0.7
    • Criticism of idealization in art
    • Paternal figures
    • Lack of Iconic Image



For meeting 3:

To watch The Little Mermaid. Be prepared to notice what’s wrong in that film, focus on the sexism in it (it’s plenty of that).

Will be a small fun meeting, letting us to breath before….

Start watching for meeting 4 Badlands plus read about Terrence Malick (not his films, yet).

I decided to do director study on him, so next meetings we’ll watch only Terrence Malick and try to understand his world a bit better. He’s a special film maker, so it should be an experience for all of you.

Please mind that even if with a beautiful image, it’s a difficult director, but not impossible.

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