Leaving for Camp Pine!

BySadie B Pine

Leaving for Camp Pine!

This afternoon, Victoria Staff and Students gathered in front of our beloved campus and waved goodbye as we departed for the next ten days!

Miss Pi’ne surprised everyone by digging deep into the budget (we don’t know what know whose medical insurance was shredded…) and producing a brand new camp bus, which proved to be a slight upgrade from the last, though we can not state with confidence that her driving has improved over the last six months. Nevertheless, the headmistress provided the campers with another memorable journey along the mainland roads, with Shani Cramoisie providing off-key musical entertainment.

Seraphina Cramoisie lugged gigantic bottles of water along with her as if she needs help staying wet. The bus tore through the mainland country roads, flying (literally) over sim crossings and veering dangerously off the road! Most off the passengers screamed for their lives, and Mrs. Bolero whined “are we there yet?” right before Shani screamed the V-word, sending the bus to a screeching lurch so the girl wouldn’t be sick on the vehicle.

Photo credit: Tatuli de Rutrot

When the group passed a dubious bridge, Pacifica Solo (who has returned from her time off of school) vowed to speak with the architects of the bridge if she survived the ordeal, but her friend Coskay seemed to be quite calm and enjoying the thrill of the ride very much. Leto Bregonis oscillated between manic giggling and screaming bloody murder. Melanie de Rutrot considered converting to druidism. Chisha Obscure was high on the danger, yelling “MORE SPEED” and “yes! yes! yes”! Tatuli de Rutrot supportively shared some mints with her green-faced cousin Sadie Pi’ne between shouts.  Jenni Windrider was ever stoic and optimistic, while Erin Arthel wished aloud she could to camp on horseback instead. Her wife, Crystal Arthel (who was just promoted to student today – congratulations!) was the only person who fell off the bus this time but was quickly rescued.

Photo Credit: Tatuli de Rutrot

Photo credit: Tatuli de Rutrot

When finally the bus came to a stop, the travellers barely complained about the long hike to the campsite from the bus stop. When Meggan Faithful and Seraphina Cramoisie inquired whether or not the group was lost, Miss Pi’ne’s response was simply “What is lost? It’s just a relative term”.

Fortunately, we did arrive!

The first order of business at camp was for each tent group to set up their sleeping space, after which, most retired for the evening or settled down by the fire and chatted until they were dozing off.

Here’s to a fantastic week at Camp Pine!

More pictures from today’s adventures can be found HERE.

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