En Garde Champions League (CL) is On – Avanti VA Lemurs!

BySadie B Pine

En Garde Champions League (CL) is On – Avanti VA Lemurs!

by guest writer Crystal Arthel on behalf of the VA Lemurs

The monthly grand tournament in En Garde was kicked off Sunday. VA Lemurs are participating with no less than 7 players out of 26 CL competitors in total! During the next two weeks all fencers are to play 10 games for qualification to the final, where the best 16 players are competing for their final ranking in this world cup of En Garde. With 7 motivated and fierce Lemurs, we should be able to make a good effort and show that VA has the world’s leading academy En Garde team.

At present, our players have completed 7 games out of 70. Our own Evelyn Flow played two fantastic games yesterday, and she is presently ranking no. 1 in CL. Way to go, Evie!

The Victoria Voice will frequently keep you updated about the tournament in the days to come. Thanks to all our brave fencers and a warm thanks to Miss Pi’ne for allowing them to participate besides the busy camp activities.

Good luck to our Lemurs! May your opponents meet their destiny from the tips of your sharp blades.^^


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