En Garde Champions League (CL) is On – Avanti VA Lemurs!

BySadie B Pine

En Garde Champions League (CL) is On – Avanti VA Lemurs!

by guest writer Crystal Arthel on behalf of the VA Lemurs

Time for a quick status on VA Lemurs’ battles in the En Garde world cup!

4 of our 7 players are presently in the final qualification poll, but CL is far from finished and we hope for and believe that we will improve further during the tournament. Our Evelyn is showing excellent spirit and performance, and she is still unbeaten after three games. So far VA Lemurs have completed 25 games out of 70 and got wins in 13, a total score of 95 points of 125. Great achievement!

The Victoria Voice is following the tournament closely, and we will be back with more news about our brave players soon! Hals- und Beinbruch, Lemurs!

After a bit of an unlucky start, our Erin mobilised her well-known strength and won against the strong Flora Jewell 5-4


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