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ByStiina Diana Pine

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I received many messages from many of you. Thank you very much, it feels lovely reading them and knowing what VA meant for you. I am sorry I can’t do it anymore and also happy some of you understand the whys. I doubt people often say the words I received in the last 24 hours when other places close. Some messages made me cry, it feels amazing to know what you did touched people like this, even if my soul feels thorn about it.

One of the happy parts of all this, is that most of the people I will close the school with are nice low drama people. I wish the school was like this all these years. And, as sometimes happens, nice people end up suffering. At least know, it’s not you – it’s me. It is ironic, we close in one of the lowest drama moments.

I also received messages and information about ex-“friends” of the school, how sorry they are for closing VA.

So no, this is not a nice article, fully. But it’s question. And nudge. And I hope someone gives this to them to read.

Why are they sorry? They were part of the series of factors that eventually lead to me being too tired, disgusted and low on energy to do it anymore. Miss Luna said, that would have still been the ignoring my own needs for years reason. But that’s one reason, not the whole set. With less drama and less jerks around, maybe someone could have helped more, maybe their energy wouldn’t have been focused on being nasty.

So, why are the pricks sorry?

I wish they would be happy of VA ending. Have the verticality to at least stand for their scum ways.

Power hungry. Disloyal. Thief. Insensitive jerks. Ungrateful. Always happy to hurt. Dishonest. – Why not stand up for it?

But we all know, that any decent prick, is also a hypocrite and liar. Which makes them inferior to a cat. A cat is not sorry of its own decisions.

I feel I should do a “hall of fame”, and put it somewhere for everyone to see. But on the other side, as (still) Miss Luna also said, some time ago, high moral grounds always kept me to retaliate at their level.

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