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En Garde Champions League (CL) is On – Avanti VA Lemurs!

by guest writer Crystal Arthel on behalf of the VA Lemurs

Time for a quick status on VA Lemurs’ battles in the En Garde world cup!

4 of our 7 players are presently in the final qualification poll, but CL is far from finished and we hope for and believe that we will improve further during the tournament. Our Evelyn is showing excellent spirit and performance, and she is still unbeaten after three games. So far VA Lemurs have completed 25 games out of 70 and got wins in 13, a total score of 95 points of 125. Great achievement!

The Victoria Voice is following the tournament closely, and we will be back with more news about our brave players soon! Hals- und Beinbruch, Lemurs!

After a bit of an unlucky start, our Erin mobilised her well-known strength and won against the strong Flora Jewell 5-4


BySadie B Pine

En Garde Champions League (CL) is On – Avanti VA Lemurs!

by guest writer Crystal Arthel on behalf of the VA Lemurs

The monthly grand tournament in En Garde was kicked off Sunday. VA Lemurs are participating with no less than 7 players out of 26 CL competitors in total! During the next two weeks all fencers are to play 10 games for qualification to the final, where the best 16 players are competing for their final ranking in this world cup of En Garde. With 7 motivated and fierce Lemurs, we should be able to make a good effort and show that VA has the world’s leading academy En Garde team.

At present, our players have completed 7 games out of 70. Our own Evelyn Flow played two fantastic games yesterday, and she is presently ranking no. 1 in CL. Way to go, Evie!

The Victoria Voice will frequently keep you updated about the tournament in the days to come. Thanks to all our brave fencers and a warm thanks to Miss Pi’ne for allowing them to participate besides the busy camp activities.

Good luck to our Lemurs! May your opponents meet their destiny from the tips of your sharp blades.^^


BySadie B Pine

Leaving for Camp Pine!

This afternoon, Victoria Staff and Students gathered in front of our beloved campus and waved goodbye as we departed for the next ten days!

Miss Pi’ne surprised everyone by digging deep into the budget (we don’t know what know whose medical insurance was shredded…) and producing a brand new camp bus, which proved to be a slight upgrade from the last, though we can not state with confidence that her driving has improved over the last six months. Nevertheless, the headmistress provided the campers with another memorable journey along the mainland roads, with Shani Cramoisie providing off-key musical entertainment.

Seraphina Cramoisie lugged gigantic bottles of water along with her as if she needs help staying wet. The bus tore through the mainland country roads, flying (literally) over sim crossings and veering dangerously off the road! Most off the passengers screamed for their lives, and Mrs. Bolero whined “are we there yet?” right before Shani screamed the V-word, sending the bus to a screeching lurch so the girl wouldn’t be sick on the vehicle.

Photo credit: Tatuli de Rutrot

When the group passed a dubious bridge, Pacifica Solo (who has returned from her time off of school) vowed to speak with the architects of the bridge if she survived the ordeal, but her friend Coskay seemed to be quite calm and enjoying the thrill of the ride very much. Leto Bregonis oscillated between manic giggling and screaming bloody murder. Melanie de Rutrot considered converting to druidism. Chisha Obscure was high on the danger, yelling “MORE SPEED” and “yes! yes! yes”! Tatuli de Rutrot supportively shared some mints with her green-faced cousin Sadie Pi’ne between shouts.  Jenni Windrider was ever stoic and optimistic, while Erin Arthel wished aloud she could to camp on horseback instead. Her wife, Crystal Arthel (who was just promoted to student today – congratulations!) was the only person who fell off the bus this time but was quickly rescued.

Photo Credit: Tatuli de Rutrot

Photo credit: Tatuli de Rutrot

When finally the bus came to a stop, the travellers barely complained about the long hike to the campsite from the bus stop. When Meggan Faithful and Seraphina Cramoisie inquired whether or not the group was lost, Miss Pi’ne’s response was simply “What is lost? It’s just a relative term”.

Fortunately, we did arrive!

The first order of business at camp was for each tent group to set up their sleeping space, after which, most retired for the evening or settled down by the fire and chatted until they were dozing off.

Here’s to a fantastic week at Camp Pine!

More pictures from today’s adventures can be found HERE.

BySadie B Pine

What a game!

Camp is in three days, people! Friday can’t come soon enough! This weekend, Student Representative Anna Soffian held a special council meeting to answer questions about camp and to model some camp appropriate clothing. The prefect also inspected camp packs after the meeting.

Culture Club visited Chess Wonderland on Sunday, a surreal chessboard which dwarfed visitors. Students were instructed to take a photo and submit it to Miss Pi’ne for a chance to win a prize. Here are a couple shots by Tatuli de Rutrot of Erin Arthel, Miss Mary Pickles-Soffian, and Angelina Soffian:

A big congratulations to our Victoria Lemurs star player Sora for winning first place in this week’s Haven en garde tournament! The fencing team continues to go strong! Don’t forget, the camp fencing tourney will take place again this year, so if you’re like me and have been off your fencing game, get practicing!

BySadie B Pine

A Word from our Fencing Team Captain

by Guest Writer Shani Cramoisie

As Captain of the Victoria En Garde team, it is with great privilege I say thank you to Sora for ‘nagging’ the individuals that became the VA Lemur Team to enter the Champions League May 2017 Competition.

This is our first competition of this level and although all the individuals ended up in the bottom of the league, it was a great learning curve for all of us.
I have realized I must not play games after 20:00 because I am just too tired for the MATH!

It has been good watching top players play, and some of us did well to beat a few of them, however we need to be consist in our game.

We hope to take more players along next time. If you’re interested, please let Sora know as he is responsible for making sure we sign up for tournaments.

Well done, Evelyn, Sora, Erin, and myself!

A very proud
VA Captain

BySadie B Pine

Go Lemurs! Erin Arthel takes 2nd in Haven Tournament!

By guest writer Crystal Arthel, Victoria Applicant 

On Tuesday 23 May, Haven Games held its weekly En Garde Tournament where some of the best fighters meet and duel in an exciting atmosphere. I went there to support VA’s best fencer Erin, and it was such a thrill to watch how she gave herself 100 percent from first match to the very final.

After a row of tough games where she was absolutely not given anything for free, she was ready for the final. Her opponent was Lilly9100, one of the top players in the league. The breathtaking match had an intensive effect on both the combatants and spectators, and the full range of emotions were put into play with everybody. The match was as equal as it could possibly be, and at 4-4 the air was dense from excitement. Irritatingly, luck glued to Lilly this time, and she got the final strike.

Nevertheless, it was a great game where Erin once again showed her technical skills and poise. Congratulations, my dear ♥

We are proud of you!

Winners of the Haven Games En Garde Tournament

Our very own Erin Arthel with her second place trophy proudly represents the Victoria Academy Lemurs!

BySadie B Pine

Campus Buzz and Camp Business!

We’ve seen the signs of summer arising as various staff and students begin to flit on lovely holidays, but fear not! The campus is still buzzing with quiet activity if you look for it!

A big congratulations to Mr. Peter Stenning and his newly adopted daughter Lucy Kittens-Stenning! The Victoria Voice wishes the new family much happiness.

The dorms are clean, clean, clean! Senior prefect Anna Soffian was overheard saying she’d like to kill boarder Olive for keeping the dorm so clean it’s impossible to be strict about it! Careful, folks, Eagle-eye Soffian may be on the prowl and Olive may be cleaning under your bed while you sleep!

The dorms are so clean, in fact, that a group of students decided to kill two birds with one stone by having tea in the laundry room while washing their uniforms!

Tatuli de Rutrot swears she saw Shani Cramoisie in reception with worms coming out of her ears… yes, you heard that right, WORMS! But the scientific-minded student claims the sighting was too quick to create any photographic evidence, rendering the observation proof-less.

Science makes a come-back though, with the botanical garden project well underway by Ms. Pi’ne and students Tatuli de Rutrot, Lucy Kittens-Stenning, and Jenni Windrider! We are looking forward to having our very own botany collection for both leisure and educational edification!

And, last but certainly not least… CAMP! Victoria is leaving for Camp Pine on Friday, 2nd June, giving students just under two weeks to assemble their packs and have them checked by a prefect. The packing list was just released yesterday, and Anna Soffian has already announced a pack inspection time for her group members who are prepared – sounds like the red house and the red prefect is covering their (red) butts! Miss Pi’ne released a sneak peek of the campsite yesterday afternoon and the list of tent assignments has been published! Tent-mates are asked to collaboratively name their tents – get brainstorming and packing!

BySadie B Pine

VA Lemurs aiming to take the top!

Exciting news for Victoria Athletics! Don’t forget to support and cheer on the VA Lemurs Fencing Team over the next couple weeks! Team member Erin Arthel shares what’s happening with En Garde at VA:

After taking the top at the En Garde world rankings and winning a tournament, our leading fencer Sora convinced other En-Garde-crazy students to join the monthly Champions League.

Now Sora, Shani, Evelyn and Erin are battling players from other En Garde teams over the next two weeks, aiming to get a place in the top eight for the right to join the finals at the end of the month, and hopefully show everyone that we have the strongest fencing team in SL.

By Erin Arthel, Victoria Lemurs Fencing Team


Ask our fencing team captain Shani Cramoisie about practices and tournaments if you’re interested in joining the team or cheering them on in person!

BySadie B Pine

VAchisi Rules!

Another month, another staff and students activity!

May’s activity was organized by our very own Jenni Windrider, who constructed by hand a life-sized Pachisi, ‘Parcheesi‘, or ‘Sorry!‘ board game, with huge pips that attached to each player and a giant die that tossed in the air! It was like being in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!

A fair number participated, each team a mixed bag of teachers, staff, prefects, and students. Some of our newest staff members and candidates were also in attendance. In the end, the RED team were the last ones standing! Congratulations, Red!

BySadie B Pine

Filling in the Blanks

Dear Readers,

My sincere apologies for the hiatus of the Victoria Voice this week. I was swallowed up by that other dimension we call ‘RL’, but oh, I missed this L! This is my feeble attempt at playing catch-up. And although I’m sure many more report-worthy things happened this week, you’ll have to hear about them through the rumour mill!

I returned last night, started rl summer classes this morning, and by the time I got home after days and days of running around non-stop, promptly fell asleep with my mom … before the scheduled Q&A session… oops! Apparently during our slumber, a small conflict arose between two camps – classroom v.s. debate auditorium. Anna Soffian proudly declared that the “classroom RULES and auditorium DROOLS”!

Here are some relatively significant events to report that occurred while I was away: 

Evelyn Flow was promoted to Sr. Prefect which means that Anna Soffian will no longer be able to spank her! Congratulations to Evelyn and to her group members!

Shani Cramoisie has been instructed by her mother Miss Luna Cramoisie (who conveniently is also the Dorm Mother) to clean the dorms by herself this week. She has also been placed back on laundry duty, subjected to offer her cleaning services to any student with a dirty uniform! If you’ve a fear of brooms how I do, rejoice! If you’re a clean freak (as half the school’s population seems to be) you may have been less than impressed. Reportedly, the frequency of newest boarder Olive’s eye-twitch has doubled over the last few days. Shani also prepared a pizza meal for everyone to enjoy after Miss Pi’ne’s tennis activity earlier in the week.

It was discovered that Anna and Angelina Soffian are not actually daughter and mother, but sisters, after all. And, while Angelina retains disciplinary rights over her younger sister, she has stepped down from her position as Mathematics teacher and resumed her prior role as a prefect. The first time she was a student, Angelina was not a Senior prefect, but she has gained that title presumably so that she can still maintain authority over her sister and because of the time she spent as a teacher at Victoria. We can not as of yet confirm whether the prefect will have a group, but mathematics class will be turned into a club, so math-lovers needn’t fear for the total decimation of the subject at school.

A brand new Natural Sciences class was launched this week by Mr. Callum Doyle, a new teacher and the husband of history teacher Mrs. Grace Doyle. The topic of the first seminar is Entomology and while I slept through the first session, I am a bit enticed by the prospect of exploring the beautiful world of bugs! The W.E.S. timezone group rejoices at another night class where outdoor activities may occur (according to the syllabus)!

Ah, sweet Victoria! — the smell of flowers blossoming in the gardens, the sound of beatings echoing through the corridors, and the many wonderful faces (fifty percent of which are walking around with an unnatural death wish)! How I’ve missed you!

Ever your faithful editor,

Sadie Annushka B. Pi’ne