Persephone Bolero, Mrs.

About me:

I color outside the lines. But there is a big difference between pushing the edges of the envelope and smashing boundaries. Both acts result in change, which is good and inevitable, but the former is creative and the latter is destructive.

I approach life creatively and surround myself with those who do the same in their own unique ways.

I love playing deeply flawed characters. In the Amazon sims, I play an obnoxious, naive twentysomething from Los Angeles (which she always refers to as “LA”), who got lost while on a vacation that included a touristy hike in the jungle.

She’s convinced her friends will rescue her one day, because she’s unable to admit they could just write her off as dead and enjoy the drama of her disappearance for the fact it gives their spoiled metropolitan lives some interesting drama. It was probably days before they even noticed she was missing from the tour group.

While she waits for the rescue that will never come, she’s trying to identify plants and animal products she can use for beauty treatments, with the goal of opening a salon in the jungle. If she can’t get back to LA, she’s going to recreate it in the Amazon and give the natives makeovers. Once she shows them their new look, she believes, they’ll leave behind their primitive, backwater ways and welcome the urban into the jungle.

Really, they just think she’s nuts. But she’s friendly and very loyal to the tribe that taught her to survive in the jungle. So they put up with her.

All this should give you an idea who I am. I have ideas and I do them up big.

When I’m not writing, teaching, or playing a crazy white girl in the jungle, I am the matriarch of an extended household, which includes an irascible wife and a daughter who likes farming and taking care of my cat, Ballistic.

I do not like to be called Miss or Ms. Bolero. Please call me Mrs. Bolero. I will accept Ma’am or Madam after an initial greeting.

Class Schedule

Creative Writing, Sun 10:15 a.m.

About My Class

I have a long career in professional writing, editing, journalism, and public relations.I am deeply passionate about the written word and seek to inspire students who wish to express themselves through this artistic medium.
I try to foster a respectful and supportive collaborative environment with which students can overcome the self-doubt that undermines writers of all skill levels, including me. I give honest feedback in a way that, I hope, is helpful and never discouraging.

General Class Rules

1. Color outside the lines.

2. Push the envelope.

3. When speaking, use big words or fun argot, like “knackered” and “woke.”

8. Bring chocolate.

6. Give compliments to the teacher and students for no apparent reason.

5. Wear funny hats.

3. Always raise your hand and type out what you want to say while you wait to be called upon. Do not speak until called upon.

10. You will create freely, but it will be within a firm framework of boundaries. Respect them. No, seriously. I mean it.

In other words:

Be on time. I have no patience for tardiness. If you must show up late, enter the room quietly. Do not say a thing, unless it’s to reply to my greeting. Sit down and try to ease into the discussion when you understand what’s going on. Don’t expect anyone, especially me, to get you caught up. Catch yourself up without disturbing the flow of the class.

If you must go early, let me know before class.

Never critique another student’s work in a manner that is discouraging. The best way to do this is to be sure to point out strengths as much as you do weaknesses. Everyone has both.

Be open to critique. You can’t learn from mistakes or improve upon your shortcomings if you don’t accept constructive, objective feedback on your writing. This gets easier as we build trust in the class.

Don’t let your own self-expression impede the expressions others. Be yourself in a way that contributes positively to the group.

I rarely have to punish. But if I do, I’m as creative in my punishments as I am everything else I do. And it will not be fun. I like having fun. So please don’t make me have to be un-fun.