Herbie Hancock, Mr.


Name: Herbie Hancock (Herbieger)

Age: 53 Years

Teacher for Rock Music History

Office: Main Building, Central Wing, Ground Floor

Availability: Normally weekends

About me

My hobby is music, already at the age of 14 years I worked with my rolling disco in bars and brought the parties to cook. I worked in some discotheques as a DJ and always had a lot of fun. After that I change to Internet radio, my station works fine with from 800 to 1200 listeners but it was too expensive and now I am with a small radio (www.radiomusicplay.de).

I came for Lisa Heine to VA, at that time the school was lacking teachers, she asked me to teach so now “here I am”.

VA is my second Home in SL but in the past I could not often be here, that I hope change in the next weeks.

My Classes

About my classes: Simply the History of Rock Music and Bands

Classes Schedule: Currently varies, due to RL.

Class Rules:

Propper addressing is Sir, Mr. Hancock

Punctuality, if you are late you better have a good reason.

If you are late for my class: you will knock on the door and wait for me to invite you in, proceed to your desk and remain standing until I have dealt with you.

No eating or chewing gum, you may drink water

Do not disrupt the class with unnecessary behavior, turn off your mobile phones.

If you wish to go to the bathroom, raise your hand, permission will be given and you have 5 minutes to return to your seat

Behave Appropriately, do not argue, follow directions in an appropriate and timely manner.

Be respectful of others and their property.

Should you have any questions raise your hand and I will call your name, stand by your desk to ask the question and remain standing until I tell you to be seated again.