James Wow

James Wow, Mr.

School Governor

Officer, Student Admissions

Office: Main Building, Central Wing, Ground Floor


Generally Varried

Thursday, Friday 1AM to 4AM

About me

Having spent time as a teacher at Lady Janes Deputy Head at BGA I now find myself, for almost 2 years, in a happy place at Victoria Academy. I enjoy the ambiance and in most instances the closer to reality than previous positions.

I do administer punishment but not for the sake of it. I do not enjoy bratting for attention of any description. I do assist students when they require attention.

I like extended RP.

I have always fought for the underdog in RL and try to extend that to SL.

I remember that there are real people involved in all RP.

Rudeness is not a nice characteristic.

Talk to me i do not bite and i enjoy conversation.

I do not have a partner , sub, or any love interest (in SL)