Lisa Heine

Lisa Heine, Ms

Name: Lisa Heine (marliesaheima)
Classes: Advertising Design
Availability: normaly Tuesdays 8.00 – 10.00am and when RL let me go

About me:

Proper addressing is Miss Heine, Miss Lisa, Ma’am
I’m happy to teach in VA, it is my Home in SL. Before I teach i was Student at VA, I enjoy it from the first day. In RL i work in an Advertising Agency so I take my Work in RL to teach here at VA.
I’m not the hardest in physically punishment but I have other methods to punish.
I don’t like racism, sexism, cruelty with animals. Insults and Rudeness about me and others.

Classes Schedule: Tuesday 9.00am – 10.00am

About my Classes:

I teach Advertising Design, i work RL as grafic designer for advertising for the last 8 Years and teach the basics of advertising.

My Class Rules:

If you are late for my class…you will knock on the door and wait for me to invite you in..proceed to your desk and remain standing until I have dealt with you.

No eating or chewing gum…you may drink water

Do not disrupt the class with unnecessary behaviour …turn off your mobile phones.

If you wish to go to the bathroom…raise your hand…permission will be given and you have 5 minutes to return to your seat

Behave Appropriately… not argue…follow directions in an appropriate and timely manner.

Be respectful of others and their property.

Should you have any questions raise your hand and I will call your nameā€¦stand by your desk to ask the question and remain standing until I tell you to be seated again.