Miss Luna

Miss Luna Cramoisie

My Roles:

VA Staff: Teacher & Dorm Mother
VA Club(s): Drama Club (co-sponsor)
VA Other: Admissions Assistant
Office: VA Dormitory, 1st Floor | E-Mail: lune.cramoisie@gmail.com

SL Availability:

Wednesday: 4pm SLT (regularly scheduled class time)
Thursday: 10am – 3pm SLT
Fri/Sat/Sun: 12noon – 4pm
*Evenings: I can also be found in-world in the evenings, no set times

About Me:

My primary objective is to support Victoria Academy and to help ensure a thriving school and community. As part of Victoria Academy’s staff, I am a dedicated and firm believer in the use of ‘traditional discipline’ to help our students flourish — along with warmth and encouragement.

I genuinely value kindness, tolerance, good manners and personal excellence. I try to help share and instill these qualities in our

My biggest turn-offs include over-bratting, topping from bottom. and bullying behaviors.

Class & Clubs Schedule:

Humanities (Wednesday, 2pm SLT) | Office Hours: Wednesday, 3pm SLT)
Drama Club (Saturday, 12 noon SLT)

About my Class (Humanities):

The term ‘Humanities’ also goes by different sorts of titles or names: Liberal Studies, Western Cultural Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, etc.

At Victoria Academy, I teach my class with particular focus on Western cultural arts:visual art, music, literature.

My teaching style centers around the Socratic Method, with class discussions and interactive activities.

Humanities Class: General Class Expectations

1. VA Rules. Please know and refer to Victoria Academy’s rules and expectations regarding appropriate class behavior.
Keep in mind that ignorance of the rules does not excuse you from any consequences.
Please refer to VA’s Guide Rules and Basic Etiquette sections for the classroom.

2. Class Materials. The following materials & mediums will be used throughout my class. Please make sure that you are able to access the following Class Material Sources:

– Selected Readings
– Websites
– YouTube & Other Online Videos
– Academic Libraries & Databases
– Online Art Image Galleries & Museums
– SL Notecards (NCs)
– Class Blog: Archive of past lessons (http://lunecramoisie.blogspot.com/)
3. Proper Communication. Please always use proper sentence structure, spelling, and grammar. This is for both class times and assignments.

4. Cite/Credit The Source! Please cite/credit your sources of information when necessary. The reason for citation is to ensure that proper credit is given to the author/publisher for their original work. Also, citing your work enables others to consult the same sources and information. Clarification: Formal academic citation is not required!
(Ex. MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian styles, etc.) Just let me know where you got your information!

5. Timeliness. Our class time together is valuable, and the hour runs out very quickly! To ensure our class time stays on track, please know that any unexpected incident during class will be addressed AFTER class time is over.

6. Class Homework. The primary focus of my class time is to encourage dynamic, interdisciplinary learning – from readings, activities, and especially, each other. So, out-of-class homework is intentionally kept to a minimum. That said, all assignments should meet the class expectations covered here.
(Note: Please refer to standards for proper communication and source citation.)

7. Office Hours/Availability. My email address is: lune.cramoisie@gmail.com
I am here to help all our VA students. For practical convenience, I reserve time for office hours immediately following class times.
Additionally, please feel free to contact me outside of class times.
If I am not online, please leave me an offline message or notecard (NC) and I will follow up with you. Always! So, if you haven’t heard back from me, please contact me again.

8. Class Archives. Class lessons and other information will be posted to the class blog. If you miss class, please remember to check it to keep up.

9. Class Discipline. If the need arises, students may be asked to leave the classroom to wait outside the class until the class is over. I will address disciplinary issues during my office hours (immediately after class).