Mr Stenning

Mr Stenning

Visiting Teacher

Teaches: Music, Meditation
Mail: please use notecards for now

Varies depending on RL

About Me

I was a teacher here from 2012-2013, and have recently returned from a sabbatical.

I genuinely love teaching, and expect students to come to my classes expecting to learn something (though not necessarily from me!). Please don’t come to class expecting to earn yourself a spanking by being disruptive. My usual response to disruptive students is to have them stand in the corridor until after class.

Outside of class, I enjoy all roleplay from day-to-day interactions around school, to long and complex spanking scenes – and I am open to playing to with all students. Do please feel free to share with me your preferences and desires – but understand that I will decide whether, when and how to incorporate them. And do not expect me to respond well to bratting or topping from the bottom!

Classes Schedule

I cannot commit to a regular class, but when I can will schedule a class on Tuesdays at 1pm SLT in either:

Music, Mediation

About my classes

I am genuinely a qualified music teacher, and enjoy sharing my knowledge and love of a wide range of musical styles from all periods and cultures.

I use clips and examples as a matter of course (so you’ll need to be set up to receive audio/video). I encourage students to share their personal tastes and knowledge.

General Class Rules

To quote from our wonderful Headmistress: “Discipline will happen, that doesn’t mean spanking during the class (don’t count on it, even if it might happen). Discipline is discipline, spanking is for good students to stay good.” My approach is the same.

I’ll elaborate further if it becomes necessary. It shouldn’t. You know how to behave… and that’s what I expect.

Special Rules: Meditation

Please attend this class only if you’re willing to participate sensibly. All students need to be able to focus on what we’re doing if you’re to get something out of the class, so please leave any high-spirits, cheekiness and poor behaviour outside the door. With luck, the caretaker will mistake them for rubbish and take them to the incinerator.


Homework will be submitted to me by notecard. If no specific deadline is given, deadline is always 24 hours before class time.

Please follow the format given on Ms Pi’ne’s page.