Stiina Pi’ne

Stiina Pi’ne, Ms.


Owner & Management. Campus Layout, VA strategy, Admissions, School Rules.

Other: Campus wide full authority.

Office: Main Building, Central Wing, 1st Floor, North Side | E-Mail:


Chat:  M-S: 12 AM SLT-8 AM SLT

In SL:   M-S: 9AM SLT-3 PM SLT

About Me

My goal is to have Victoria working and a happy community, with substantial achievements even on a SL level.

I genuinely enjoy a disciplined environment and rules. I love projects and that’s what I do most of my time.

My biggest requests, on a personal level, from Victoria Students are not to treat me like a vehicle for your own fantasy (aka a talking paddle) and understand that, things with you will happen on my grounds and on my terms.

Racism, sexism, cruelty with animals are my buttons and my limits.

Rudeness, trying to manipulate me and lack of kindness will get you on my bad side, which eventually will lead to the same thing.

I’m very genuine in SL. Please don’t treat me as a character. I am not one but I have one.

My time is mainly split between my daughter, which is my top priority and VA Management.

Classes Schedule

Image & Photography (every other week)

Film Appreciation Society, Optional Club

(SL) Home Economics

Occasionally Orientation class

Detention (when needed)

About my classes

I teach as part of Victoria. The information I pass out is actual knowledge, not a hobby, I’m a RL Phd. in Film and I have (formally) studied arts for 15 years.

However, my courses are adjusted to Victoria and I put a lot of emphasis on interaction and dialogue. My method is to have guided discussion towards understand the topics I approach.

General Class Rules

Discipline will happen, that doesn’t mean spanking during the class (don’t count on it, even if it might happen). Discipline is discipline, spanking is for good students to stay good.

Class Rules (as they are also in the school rules which should happen in all classes):

1. Proper addressing is Ma’am, Miss Pi’ne, not Miss P, Miss S, Miss ‘, Hey. Same goes with answers.

2. In class, raise your hand and wait. For activities, if lined up, in a group, do not speak out of turn and raise your hand to speak.

Interruptions in the form of (( )) are not accepted, unless it’s something really important or vital for you. You’re still interrupting my flow and hiding in (( )) is not VA or Me.

3. If I don’t name you to speak, I don’t want to hear any complaints. It’s not up to you to judge who is allowed to speak or not.

4. You will do your homework if any. If you don’t, you’ll get extra homework and eventually will be suspended from my class for some time.

5. You will not whisper, throw notes or make faces, or you will be punished. You will not throw objects or listen to music during my class. You will NOT fight during my class or I’ll make you suffer.

6. When asked to do something, you will do it, no complaints. Complaining will lead to instant trouble. Complaining more will lead to more trouble. Trouble which, you will NOT like.

7. No eating in class. No chewing gum in class. You may drink water if you are thirsty.

8. If you need to go to the bathroom, ask and wait to be allowed. If you don’t come back in a given time frame, you will regret it.

9. When sent to a time-out, you do not speak. You stay there until you are told you can go back to your desk.

Do not:

Over brat.


Be late. If you’re late, come directly to me and wait, without saluting everyone in the middle of the class, or you’ll be sent back where you came from.

Leave early. If you need to leave early, inform me. If I see you just poofing out of class without reason, you won’t be suspended only from my class.

Be rude.

If you’re cheeky, be prepared for what’s coming.

If you plan to do the above:

Note that I’m a person very happy to give brats big numbers of line to write, essays or chores, to clear their minds.

I’m also a believer in group exclusion as a punishment and I also think the default should be obeying not disrupting. If I choose to spank any of you, I’ll spank you for dirty socks, not for being disruptive.

Understand that,

VA classes are and should be group centered, not one person centered. If you act like the class should be centered around your special butt because you are special little flower that everyone wants, please don’t come.


Homework will be submitted to me and my TA for the class.

If no specific deadline is given, deadline is always 24 hours before class time.

Notecard should be named:



YOUR-NAME with your Display name: E.g. Stiina Pi’ne

CLASS-NAME should be “SLEC” or “Photography” or “Film Appreciation” or something else if it applies to some other class of mine.

DATE with class date in which homework was given, day first and point in the middle. E.g. 27.03.2017

It should be written as following:


YOUR-NAME                                                      DATE(written in long text Ex. 2nd of January, 2017)

Assignment was …. (description of the assignment in your own words).

……………….. here you write the assignment ………………..

……………….. here you write the assignment ………………..

……………….. here you write the assignment ………………..

……………….. here you write the assignment ………………..

……………….. here you write the assignment ………………..

……………….. here you write the assignment ………………..

……………….. here you write the assignment ………………..




If homework must contain pictures, add them in the NC (If you don’t know how, ask and you’ll find out).

Name them:


If there are more than 3 images, make everything a Folder:


Name the folder same way you’d name the notecard.


Please use the template given (including for the NC name) or your homework will not be accepted.

Do use proper spelling and align your text.

For extra teacher’s pet points you can do it on google documents (better formatting) and then write only the address in the NC or hand-write and photograph it (optional), then insert the images in the NC with the title as instructed above.


Example I, Notecard

Notecard Name:

Stiina Pi’ne, Photography Homework, 27.03.2017

Content of Notecard:


Stiina Pi’ne                                           27th of March,2017

   Assignment was to photograph three pictures of the school campus, with elements that I think are representative for our school.

   I am submitting my images below:

Stiina Pi’ne, Photography Image-1, 27.03.2017

Stiina Pi’ne, Photography Image-2, 27.03.2017

Stiina Pi’ne, Photography Image-2, 27.03.2017

Thank you for considering my homework.


I have used the Candidate book, from it I resumed what’s mentioned the most from the school campus.

Example II, Folder

Notecard Name:

Stiina Pi’ne, SLEC Homework, 27.03.2017

Content of Notecard:


Stiina Pi’ne                                           27th of March,2017

   Assignment was to photograph five faux pas I have noticed to school visitors. 

  Please be aware that in my pictures I have blurred out the persons faces, in order to respect their privacy and not have anyone in an embarrassing situation.

  I have inserted all the images I took in the same folder as this NC.

Thank you for considering my homework.


I have used the following website additionally to the class notes:

Content of Folder:

  • NOTECARD: Stiina Pi’ne, SLEC Homework, 27.03.2017
  • Stiina Pi’ne, SLEC Image-1, 27.03.2017
  • Stiina Pi’ne, SLEC Image-2, 27.03.2017
  • Stiina Pi’ne, SLEC Image-3, 27.03.2017
  • Stiina Pi’ne, SLEC Image-4, 27.03.2017
  • Stiina Pi’ne, SLEC Image-5, 27.03.2017

Name of Folder:

Stiina Pi’ne, SLEC Homework, 27.03.2017